In which acclaimed author Frances Hardinge and her editor Michael Stearns (henceforth our heroes) undertake a breathless, breakneck tour across the continent and back—visiting seven cities, seventeen schools, eight libraries and bookstores, and one enormous (and rather interesting) gathering of national booksellers. A thrilling adventure filled with moments of high danger, humor, and courageous acts.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Day Thirteen (May 21)

Washington, D.C. in the flush of spring. A frenzy of signatures at Book Expo America. Saracen meets his public. A sense that the End is Near, and a dash of pre-retrospective sorrow.

At the head of the line, a familiar face—could it be Kat from Wild Rumpus?

At Book Expo America, Frances fine-tunes her autograph as she makes her way through several cases of Fly by Night. One attendee after another mentions the attraction of a certain "homicidal goose"; from his perch on the autograph table, Saracen quivers with barely-concealed pleasure. Among the many booksellers are Kat from Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis, and Ron Hogan, one of the Galleycats from Mediabistro.

The day is a short one, but tomorrow is the final day of the tour, with several stock signings at local bookstores, a school visit, and a long trans-Atlantic flight for Frances. Anticipatory tears—of joy? no, sorrow—are shed. The tour has been long, true, but it has also been fun, and our heroes are enormously grateful to have met so many readers. Every book should be so lucky as to be so warmly embraced.


Blogger Jennifer Macaire said...

What a fun blog! My daughter and I are looking forward to reading 'Fly By Night' together!

2:23 PM  
Anonymous D. pen Gwinne said...

Touring seems like fun...

Tell Saracen I said hi! ^_^

3:51 PM  

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